Hi there! My name is Rachel and I’m a college professor currently working at the Duke University in Durham. I studied English literature and I was lucky enough to get accepted as a full-time professor doing what I love most – teaching about writing. This is one of the main reasons I decided to start this blog, as you will soon find out.

Giving writing advice is never an easy task since you don’t know what kind of a writer you are giving advice really. Every one of my students is unique in their own way, so I’m happy to be able to help them along and teach them something useful. I’ve often come across students with the typical attitude of “Can you do my essay for me? I just don’t know where to start.” Trust me, I’ve been there myself.

What I’d like to cover on this blog are various topics in regards to writing, formatting, different styles of interpreting interesting topics and anything related to literature as a whole. I’ll do my best to convey what I’ve learned so far and will do my utmost to learn as much as I can from you in return. This is the perfect opportunity to start turning your writing ideas into actual texts since I will also talk about ideation and the process of turning passing thoughts into concrete writing.

If you are one of my students or someone who came to the blog by accident, I urge you to stay awhile and see if you can find what you were looking for. I have collected extensive knowledge of writing and have experienced many of the difficulties that writers come across during their careers. No matter what brought you here, you are welcome to stay, read up on some articles and chat with the community – I’m certain we can learn a lot from each other. Thanks for sticking by!