The American Evolution of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

America has undergone both civil rights and civil liberty evolution over centuries as a way of taking care of the diverse interests of her citizens. According to the American constitution, civil liberties can be interpreted as the acts of protecting an American citizen from the actions of the government. For instance, a citizen has the free will to indulge in any religious practice without government interference according to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.  On the contrary, civil rights target the actions of the government. The American government has the responsibility to ensure that all her members enjoy equal rights and opportunities. It has to take appropriate measures that will ensure the harmonious living of the diverse groups of people in all the American states. More specifically, the constitutional Bill of Right was passed to protect the minority groups by gender, sexual orientation, and race.

Before the amendment of the constitution in 1791, the government had much power and author over the citizens. Freedom of speech was a thing of the past. However, the amendment brought the Bills of Rights into effect giving the citizens the freedom to express themselves with less fear of government prejudice. However, the constitution put more emphasis on civil liberty as compared to civil rights. The law failed to acknowledge equality for women and the minority groups. It was until in 1954 that the oppressed groups pushed for constitutional amendments on the bill of rights. The likes of Martin Luther King drove for the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Jackson p.42). During the same period, women interests were represented to the government by women leaders who demanded equal opportunities as men thus leading to their acknowledgment.

It was through demonstrations and boycotts that America has become a fair and just society while it comprises of people with diverse interests. According to the Fourteenth Amendment, each person is entitled to equal chances of law protection by their state. However, it is only applicable to people who are within the state’s jurisdiction (Richards p.120). The state, therefore, has the mandate to protect the citizens within their jurisdiction. It is a clear indication that the constitution has gradually acknowledged civil rights thus regulating government power.

In my opinion, the government has done an excellent job of protecting both its citizens and the governing bodies through the constitutional laws. It is clear that the nation has remained focused in ensuring sex, racial, gender, and employment and education equality among her citizens. The people with disability, children and women have an upper hand in the constitution. However, it does not mean that the government has reached its limit. The constitution still needs to be amended so as to clarify the roles of the federal governments in ensuring equality among people within their jurisdictions. The constitution, in general, needs to be simplified to avoid misinterpretations.

Conclusively, the evolution of the civil liberties and civil rights is the main reason the citizens of America enjoy independence. The citizens are protected by the laws from cases that may undermine their dignity and freedom. It is through the evolution of the American constitution that equity is observed on employment and homosexuals have a voice in the society. Nevertheless, the government has a task of ensuring that the constitution is simplified and clarified to avoid different interpretations that may stir conflicts.