Economics essay

There are regulations that have been established which help regulate the culinary industry. One such example is America’s food code which covers areas such as preparation and handling of food, clothing, health and overall hygiene of restaurant servicemen, utensils and equipment, sanitization and overall cleaning of restaurant premises as well as food service utilities and units, amongst others.

There have been incidences of accidents or poisoning in restaurants which warranted inception of such a regulation, an example being Mexican restaurants in chipotle. Back in 2005, there were incidences relating to food poisoning as well as food related sicknesses after norovirus and E.Coli outbreak was traced back to a number of Mexican restaurants. A great number of customer become ill in a number of American states causing the federal government to closed down up to 43 such restaurants (Goguen, N.p).

The culinary industry is protected by the International trade Authority which limits importation of substandard products for use in the restaurant industry as a way of ensuring food safety and quality. A case in point is the incident of shrimp importation from Vietnam which ITA thought was being dumped in American market (Edwards and DeHaven, N.p).

I believe the government’s involvement in regulation of culinary industry is important. Consistent regulation will ensure that consumers are protected against poor quality service and exposure to unhealthy conditions. This is important since there will be no cases of death arising from poisoning while consumers are out seeking a dining experience.

In most countries, the culinary industry forms one of the top tourist attractions apart from nature and physical features. Tourists also seek a dining experience in whichever country they visit. Incidences of malpractices in the restaurant business will discourage tourist from sampling creativity inherent within this industry