Even though I am a full-time professor now, only two years ago I was still a student working on her post-graduate degree. Many of the struggles you are facing now have become second-nature to me while I was working on my thesis. This is why I had very little time to devote to secondary subjects and their respective projects and essays.

I decided to look for help online and have stumbled upon a site that I want to talk to you about now. Let’s talk about that one time when I had to work with a writing service and my experience with it – which introduced me to Supreme Dissertations.

My views on writing services beforehand

As you all know, writing services come in all shapes and forms – not all of which are a good choice. Many people would argue that writing services are nothing more than scam websites created to take your money.

While I do see a lot of my students using writing services (judging by their writing style), I keep my mouth shut and simply grade their papers. This wasn’t always the case, however, since I too went through all the trouble of getting a degree in my field not that long ago.

I did all of my essays personally, without exception to the rule. However, that changed in my last year of post-graduate studies. I simply had too much work and studying to do – especially with the job position I now occupy looming on the horizon. This is what led me to look for a writing service that can edit and finish my essays so that I can focus on my degree.

First impressions matter

I have very little technical knowledge and use the internet in a very basic way (as my students are aware). All I had to do was Google for “academic help” and the first thing that popped up in the results page was this very website – Supreme Dissertations. It sounded straightforward enough so I decided to give it a shot and I clicked on their link.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw their overall design and sales pitch on the homepage. The site is designed in a very professional matter, giving you access to client testimonials, their blog and even some information on their writers. You can easily see that Supreme Dissertations pays close attention to the type of writers they hire full-time – they have a reputation for being punctual and professional (as the reviews suggested).

Making contact with Supreme Dissertations

As I didn’t have much time on my hands to search for further options and this site looked legitimate enough, I created a briefing and an outline for my two essays. Supreme Dissertations managed to make me smile when they gave me a rough estimate of my total price – I got a discount for being a first-time customer! I decided to go for it and wait for someone to contact me with further questions about my essays.

A young and professional gentleman was quick to ask me about the specifics of my papers and how detailed they should be. He had a very good grasp of the English language so I was confident that he would deliver good results. Luckily for me, he did more than that. Even after two years, I still can’t believe how fast and efficient the writer at Supreme Dissertations was with my essays.

Final summation

I turned my essays in for review only a few days after ordering them from Supreme Dissertations. My professor was pleasantly surprised with the “extra effort” I put into creating detailed outlines and formatting for both papers.

I myself couldn’t quite believe that everything went so well, especially after all the rumors I heard about writing services in general. I will definitely recommend Supreme Dissertations to anyone that might need some extra help with finish their papers in the future!

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