It would be irresponsible to talk about serious topics in regards to college and academic writing without formulating a proper privacy policy. I have taken the time to write down whatever feelings and statements I have towards the communication and interaction of the community on this blog. Feel free to ask any additional questions if I overlooked an important part of the policy – thank you for your time!

Personal information stance

I realize that college writing tips and anything related to it require a certain degree of discretion on everyone’s part. I will do my best to limit my exposure to your personal information (usernames, email addresses, etc.) to a bare minimum. I will have to know how to refer to you as individuals, but when it comes to having access to your real-world information, you can rest assured that I have no interest in it.

Non-personal information stance

I was told that technical details such as IP address source and browser information coming from certain tracking sites can help improve website development. As I’m not a technical person myself, I will limit myself to creating content for you and interacting with anyone that might need help with paper writing. There is no need for me to collect raw data that I don’t know how to use.

Stance on cookies

Cookies are an amazing opportunity to make the browsing experience more enjoyable for everyone. I urge you to keep cookies active while browsing my blog since they can store important information on your local computer for further use. If you choose to disable them, however, the site will not penalize you in any way for doing so.

Security concerns

As I will limit the information gathering aspect of browsing this site to the minimum, any and all information that does end up saved on the site will stay on the site. There is no need for anyone to have access to your personal or non-personal information apart from whatever web activity you want to participate in yourself. If it does come to it that you should send me any private information about you, I will do my best to honor your trust and keep the information safely under wraps.

Stance on affiliations

I will not affiliate myself with any third-party sites, companies or advertisers. This site is my lovechild and I intend to keep it that way. This means that your anonymity and security will enjoy an extra layer of discrepancy since I will be the only one you interact with. There is nothing on this site that will gather information from you or harm you in any way (presuming that you are using adequate antivirus protection on your computer while on the internet).

Future updates to the policy

While I don’t intend on updating the policy statements anytime soon, I do reserve my right to do so later on. These changes (should there be any) will always aim to improve your experience on the blog and nothing beyond that. Come back every now and then to see if anything changed in the meantime.

Accepting these policy terms

Since you are still here, that means that you accept the privacy policy in the form above. Those of you that don’t find the policy fair or detailed enough to use the website further have two options.

You can contact me with further questions or feel free to find other means of informing yourself about college writing – these policy terms are formed with you in mind. I hope you understand that fact and are happy with what content is on offer here.