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Chelsea start to come…?

Chelsea start to come…?

It’s another 3 points and another victory in hand. Following the 2-0 win over Fulham on Monday.

Full 6 points from the last 2 games, Chelsea has moved up the rankings slightly to stand at 10th place now.

More important than table standings That’s exactly what winning is winning the game that should be won. Pick up points on a day when it look like they were the ones making mistakes. If you can do this all the time. Hope of returning to the top zone of the table It is considered open.

So you have to keep an eye on that. With having to “stumble” on a 2-week break for the national team this period, will it cause Chelsea to lose their form or not when the Premier League returns to play again in the next 14 days?

More importantly, it is still a brutal program, opening Stamford Bridge to take on former runner-up Arsenal .

Moreover, meeting Arsenal will be followed by meeting Brentford, Spurs, Manchester City and Newcastle respectively.

So it’s clear that The next four or five matches are very important to the way Chelsea is going this season.

Burnley’s condition is worrying.

As for Burnley, the former champions of the EFL Championship, under the team of the legendary Vincent Kompany, they may have won their first game in the middle of the week. But it was a 2-1 win against former CCP team Luton Town.

That means that when faced with a “real Premier League team” Burnley couldn’t go anywhere — 1 point from 7 matches (not facing Luton).

  • Lost to Manchester City 0-3,

    lost to Aston Villa 1-3,

    lost to Spurs 2-5

    , tied with Forest 1-1,

    lost to Manchester United 0-1,

    lost to Newcastle 0-2

    (won against Luton Town 2-1)

    lost to Chelsea 1-4

Although it can be claimed that the past queues have been against tough, big teams, that is still a reflection that Burnley is still “not at the level where they can compete” with the tough teams in the top league.

It was a huge amount of homework for both Kompany and the transfer team’s board of directors. To make the Clarets good enough–quickly.

Otherwise, it looks like he will definitely hit the elevator counter against Leicester City again. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet