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Updates star Dybala future after being link with Chelsea

Updates star Dybala future after being link with Chelsea.

  • Chelsea don’t want Paulo Dybala
  • Players have an inexpensive contract release clause.
  • This player will remain with Roma.

สมัคร ufabet has revealed. That Chelsea, a giant club in the English Premier League, has no intention of using the contract release clause to acquire Paulo Dybala, striker of the Argentine national team, from Ranma didn’t join the team at all.

Paulo Dybala decides not to renew his contract with Juventus. 

Therefore, after the end of this season, he can move to a team for free. As for where to go,

1 Inter Milan

This is the team that Juventus fans don’t want Dybala to join the most. As national rivals have been competing for the championship for a long time.

But if Dybala wants to take revenge on Juventus for deciding not to renew his contract. Even though there is a desire to continue with the team. Choosing to move to play for Inter seems to be a possibility.

And if we don’t count the rivalry Inter is perhaps Dybala’s most suitable choice, as he has also settled down in Italy with a top team.

Including now Inter has a CEO named Giuseppe Marotta, who is another important behind the scenes that used to bring from Palermo to Juventus. It makes both of them still have a good relationship together.

2 Tottenham Hotspur

Fabio Paratici, still the sports director of Juventus was one of the people behind the acquisition of Dybala from Palermo in 2015.

And the fact that Paratici will now move to be the director of Tottenham Hotspur makes it possible that Dybala may choose to stay with the Golden Spurs. With a good relationship between the two

Romano said: “Despite many rumors about Chelsea, I think Paul will stay at Roma.

I have no progress whatsoever. Nothing has happened yet. And his reported release clause expires in four days, so it seems difficult and unlikely.”

“I think Chelsea need a centre-forward rather than a top-quality attacking player like

last week Many media outlets are fanning the news that the 30-year-old striker has a contract release clause worth only 11.3 million pounds, which makes the subject of involvement with many clubs, including Chelsea.

For Dybala, he moved from Juventus to play with Roma in 2022, playing in all competitions 56 games, scoring 24 goals.