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Fans expect to see Cristiano Ronaldo with Lionel Messi

Fans can expect to see Cristiano Ronaldo clash with Lionel Messi after Barcelona and Juventus warm up on August 8.

Barcelona announced on Friday that Juventus will face the Gamper Trophy in the pre-season game at Camp Nou on Sunday, August 8. Let fans attend games at 20 percent of the stadium’s capacity.

Ronaldo will return to training with Juventus this coming Sunday. After completing his mission with Portugal at Euro 2020 and having completed his break.

But what fans must be excited about is Messi. Who has not yet officially signed a new contract with Barcelona, ​​despite rumors that an agreement has been reached. While the original contract expired in June this past And make Messi’s status as a free agent football today.

Ronaldo and Messi clash for the first time since Ronaldo joined from Real Madrid in Juventus’ Champions League clash with Barcelona last season.