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Juventus Appeal has passed 15 points this season night.

Juventus received good news when their appeal was in effect and the football club regained 15 points. After the previous points deduction.

Back in January,Juventus came under investigation by the Italian police for alleged fraudulent account manipulation to distort financial data. Mainly over player trading between 2018 and 2020 cut off 15 points UFABET

It had previously been expected that Juventus could be deducted by nine points. But a retrial at the request of the Turin prosecutor in January was conclude as a 15-point deduction. 

However, on Thursday the FIGC’s Court of Sport accept the appeal from Juventus. Forcing all parties to prepare new evidence and rhetoric. It is expect that the new round of review will take a month or so after this season has ended. And the 15 points cut could be used in the 2023/24 season, if in the end the court considers that Juve still have wrong

In such cases, the 15 points that the Bianconeri forfeited will be reinstated in this season’s Serie A standings. Resulting in the current score, the Zebra team returned to rank 3 from 59 points and kicked Roma down to 4th place, while Milan were 5th and Inter were 6th. 

So Juventus will return to 59 points on the latest Serie A table, moving from seventh to third and beating Roma, AC Milan, Inter Milan and A. Ta Lanta down to 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th instead