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Elliott fight for his place in the team this year

Elliott fight for his place in the team this year. Liverpool forward Harvey Elliott is determined to fight for his place in the starting XI this year.

         The 18-year-old was pulled from Fulham in 2019 and has made eight first-team appearances, having been left out to Championship club Blackburn last season. He played in all competitions, including 43 games, scoring 7 goals and providing 12 assists, which is unusual.


         When asked about his goals this season, Elliott replied via the club’s website. “I think to be part of the team, last year loan helped me a lot and I think I want to learn from that this year.”

         “It will not float towards me. I have to work hard for it. I am confident in myself I felt that I could get into the team. Whether playing as a backup and making an impact no matter what I have confidence in myself.”

         “That’s my main goal. Being in the team and getting the chance to play on the field Wish I always said it was up to me. I have to show everyone that I’m ready. I had to show my boss that I was ready. But I’m sure I can do it.”

         “If you look at the team It’s full of superstars. All of them are amazing players. So it’s difficult but football is always a challenge and it’s your own way of dealing with it. How to fight it and improve yourself.”

         “I look forward to the challenge. I’m waiting for the match I hope to have the opportunity to enter the field.”