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PSG hire Mbappe as much as Neymar at Madrid

PSG hire Mbappe as much as Neymar at Madrid. Paris Saint-Germain It is set to offer Kylian Mbappe a new contract worth €31.6 million a year if he agrees to the new commitments. It is considered a harassment by Real Madrid, the Spanish La Liga superpower.

A report from ‘ Margaret ,’ said M. Buck Giuseppe contract with PSG until the summer of next year only. Among watching closely the situation that ultimately striker aged 22 years. It will seem harsh enough to release it as a free agent after 30 mm.

The perfume city’s elite team came out to retaliate by offering a new five- year contract to consider. With the same high wages Neymar has been to, which is 31.6 million euros – per – year in case the world champion striker agrees to change his mind.  

This is another attempt of the director . Sports Leonardo after summer 2021. This additional troops underwent both free agent Georgina Santos Moutinho wireless terminal hub , Gil Keith O. Ramos , Gianluigi McDonough. Rumma, or expensive right-back, Ashraf Hakimi